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Emancipate Your Mind: 041: Raising Ethical Children After Religion with Rachel from Post Mormon Parenting

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Many of us were conditioned to believe that religion was the only way to raise ethical, empathic, and responsible children. If you are anything like me, you may have spent weeks worrying about how you were going to raise children with a strong moral compass after leaving high demand religion.

Rachel from Post Mormon Parenting really helped me answer this question with her insightful YouTube videos focused on parenting children outside of Mormonism. I realized that there was a wealthy of research and guidance available to me as a parent outside of the confines of religion to help my children develop a strong personal value system and live in accordance with it.

In this episode, we explore the natural moral development of children as well as the biggest thing that gets in the way of this development. We talk about how we, as parents, can support children to learn to use critical thinking skills and skepticism to not only understand the world around them, but develop more empathy and compassion in the process.


Did you love what Rachel had to share?

Here are some more places where you can find her incredible content!

 Youtube: Post-Mormon Parenting

Instagram: @post_mormonparenting

Tiktok: @postmormonparenting

Facebook: Post-Mormon Parenting



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