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3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public.  Become a subscriber today to access all episodes.  As you might expect, the sound quality is lower in the early episodes as the recording equipment and my comprehension of audio editing was just beginning.   Please enjoy.

Complete Episode Archive by Month

2023-08 (August)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 121: Unexpected Changes
    Emancipate Your Mind: 120: Helping Your Teen Discover Their Personal Identity

2023-07 (July)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 119: Healing Emotional Safety For Teens After High-Demand Religion
    Emancipate Your Mind: 118: Creating Emotional Safety for Young Children
    Emancipate Your Mind: 117: What We've Learned About Parenting Since Leaving High-Demand Religion with Kevin Hales

2023-06 (June)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 116: Intentional Community Creation After High-Demand Religion with Chris Peck
    Emancipate Your Mind: 115: Practicing Intentional Scripts to Build Stronger Relationships with Chris Peck
    Emancipate Your Mind: 114: How to Deal with Relationship Incompatibility Without Driving Yourself Crazy
    Emancipate Your Mind: 113: What Acceptance Is (and Isn't)

2023-05 (May)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 112: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Bonding Over Shared Trauma
    Emancipate Your Mind: 111: What Is Trauma Bonding?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 110: Codependency or Co-regulation? How to Tell the Difference
    Emancipate Your Mind: 109: Learning to Co-regulate Your Nervous System

2023-04 (April)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 108: Practicing Secure Attachments in Adult Relationships
    Emancipate Your Mind: 107: Disorganized Attachment Style and High Demand Religion
    Emancipate Your Mind: 106: Avoidant Attachment and High-Demand Christianity

2023-03 (March)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 105: Anxious Attachment and High-Demand Religious Parenting
    Emancipate Your Mind: 104: What Is Healthy Attachment and Why Does It Matter?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 103: Exploring and Healing Attachment Wounds with God with Catherine Quiring
    Emancipate Your Mind: 102: Resolving Values Conflicts with Others

2023-02 (February)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 101: Calming Internal Values Conflicts
    Emancipate Your Mind: 100: Discovering And Prioritizing Your Core Values
    Emancipate Your Mind: 099: Which Childhood Values Are Still Running Your Life Today?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 098: The Dangers of Binary Thinking in the Authenticity Movement with Chris Peck

2023-01 (January)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 097: You Can Only Ever Be The Authentic You with Chris Peck
    Emancipate Your Mind: 096: Healing Childhood Emotional Neglect Through Inner Child Work
    Emancipate Your Mind: 095: Childhood Emotional Neglect and the Difficulty Identifying Your Wants and Needs
    Emancipate Your Mind: 094: What Do I Really Want? (And Why Haven't I Figured It Out Yet?)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 093: A Compassionate Approach to the New Year

2022-11 (November)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 092: First Steps Toward Healing Fragile Masculinity with Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind: 091: Understanding Fragile Masculinity with Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind 090: Practicing Vocal Empowerment with Terina Maldonado
    Emancipate Your Mind: 089: Combatting Learned Voicelessness

2022-10 (October)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 088: Embracing the Feminine Wisdom in Your Body with Lena Osborne
    Emancipate Your Mind: 087: Internalized Misogyny and the "Ideal Woman"
    Emancipate Your Mind: 086: Yahweh's Divorce of the Divine Feminine
    Emancipate Your Mind: 085: Remembering the Mother Goddess
    Emancipate Your Mind: 084: "The Serpent Beguiled Me": How Genesis Set the Stage for 2000 Years of Christian Sexism

2022-09 (September)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 083: Building Interdependent Relationships (Part 2) with Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind: 082: Building Interdependent Relationships (Part 1) with Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind: 081: Safe and Sane Relationships with Emotionally Immature People

2022-08 (August)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 080: Organizational Narcissism and the LDS Church's Response to Child Sex Abuse Allegations
    Emancipate Your Mind: 079: The Victim and the Martyr: Understanding the Vulnerable Narcissist
    Emancipate Your Mind: 078: The Superior Saint: Communal Narcissism at Church
    Emancipate Your Mind: 077: Spiritual Elitism and the Self-Righteous Narcissist

2022-07 (July)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 076: Am I a Narcissist?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 075: Numbing Your Emotions with Busyness
    Emancipate Your Mind: 074: Why You Feel Guilty About Resting, Part 3: Insecure Overachievement

2022-06 (June)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 073: Understanding and Calming an Overstimulated Nervous System
    Emancipate Your Mind: 072: Why You Feel Guilty About Resting, Part 1: Internalized Capitalism
    Emancipate Your Mind: 071: Befriending Your Inner Critic
    Emancipate Your Mind: 070: Living a Life of Least Regrets with Texas Senate Candidate, Josh Tutt

2022-05 (May)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 069: Integrating Your Protector "Parts"
    Emancipate Your Mind: 068: Understanding the Different "Parts" of Yourself
    Emancipate Your Mind: 067: The Paradox of Authenticity
    Emancipate Your Mind: 066: Coming Out with Confidence with Sally Osborne
    Emancipate Your Mind: 065: Honoring Your Parents While Disappointing Them

2022-04 (April)
    Emancipate Your Mind 064: The Fear and Freedom of Disappointing Others
    Emancipate Your Mind: 063: Triangulation with The Golden Child
    Emancipate Your Mind: 062: Understanding and Healing the Scapegoat Role
    Emancipate Your Mind: 061: Roles in a Narcissistic Family System

2022-03 (March)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 060: Embracing Cultural Heritage
    Emancipate Your Mind: 059: Reclaiming Indigenous Identity with Monika Crowfoot
    Emancipate Your Mind: 058: Handling Anxiety and Overwhelm
    Emancipate Your Mind: 057: High Demand Religion and Mental Health with Charisse from The Existential Ginger

2022-02 (February)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 056: Recognizing and Releasing Codependency
    Emancipate Your Mind: 055: Elements of Healthy Attachment In Relationships with Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind: 054: Confirmation Bias and Freedom to Grow
    Emancipate Your Mind: 053: Religion and Identity with Alicia T. Crosby

2022-01 (January)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 052: How Believing in an Abusive God Affects Our Identity with Kyle Bishop
    Emancipate Your Mind: 051: Setting Boundaries with a Narcissist
    Emancipate Your Mind: 050: How to Spot a Narcissist
    Emancipate Your Mind: 049: Enough Already- Beginning the New Year’s Growth From a Mindset of Self-Acceptance

2021-10 (October)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 048: The Benefits of Celebrating Yourself
    Emancipate Your Mind: 047: How To Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself
    Emancipate Your Mind: 046: The Importance of Belonging vs. Fitting In
    Emancipate Your Mind: 045: Lessons From This Past Month On Dealing With Overwhelm

2021-09 (September)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 044: The 7 Ingredients of Trusting Relationships
    Emancipate Your Mind: 043: Moving Towards Healthy Anger Patterns
    Emancipate Your Mind: 042: Understanding the Gifts of Anger
    Emancipate Your Mind: 041: Raising Ethical Children After Religion with Rachel from Post Mormon Parenting

2021-08 (August)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 040: Conversations About the Emotion of Elevation and Transcendent Experiences
    Emancipate Your Mind: 039: Is The Holy Ghost Ever A Traumatic Doctrine?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 038: Hello? Is This My Intuition Or Trauma Speaking?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 037: What We Know About How Intuition Works
    Emancipate Your Mind: 036: Discovering Your Personal Values

2021-07 (July)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 035: Cognitive Dissonance
    Emancipate Your Mind: 034: Education or Indoctrination?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 033: Protecting Yourself From Undue Influence
    Emancipate Your Mind: 032: OMG! Was I in a Cult?

2021-06 (June)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 031: Consent or Coercion? Revisiting Choices We Made When Religious
    Emancipate Your Mind: 030: Intention vs. Impact
    Emancipate Your Mind: 029: Understanding Grief
    Emancipate Your Mind: 028: Somatic Experiencing and the Release of Trauma with MindBody Mentor, Shawna Kathleen

2021-05 (May)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 027: Understanding Numbing Behaviors
    Emancipate Your Mind: 026: Healing Trauma with Mindfulness Practice
    Emancipate Your Mind: 025: Healthy Positivity vs. Toxic Positivity
    Emancipate Your Mind: 024: The Importance of Sharing Our Stories with Public Speaker, Terina Maldonado
    Emancipate Your Mind: 023: What Is Religious Trauma Syndrome?

2021-04 (April)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 022: Trigger Warning: Understanding What Triggers Our Trauma
    Emancipate Your Mind: 021: Female Financial Empowerment with Financial Coach, Lisa Schader
    Emancipate Your Mind: 020: Reparenting Your Inner Child
    Emancipate Your Mind: 019: Creating Healthy Boundaries

2021-03 (March)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 018: Loving Your Reason For Leaving with Life Coach, Kara Sakievich
    Emancipate Your Mind: 017: To All Of My Fellow People Pleasers
    Emancipate Your Mind: 016: Identifying and Healing Perfectionism
    Emancipate Your Mind: 015: What Does Shame Actually Sound Like?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 014: Developing Self-Compassion
    Emancipate Your Mind: 013: Q&A: Can I Maintain A Relationship with God After Faith Transition?

2021-02 (February)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 012: Learning to Trust Yourself Again
    Emancipate Your Mind: 011: Q&A: What Do You Believe Now? (And The Questions Behind That Question)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 010: How to Actively Listen in Conversations with Marriage Therapist, Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind: 009: Q&A: How Do I Tell My Parents I'm Leaving The Church Without Disappointing Them?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 008: Practicing Empathy for Stronger Relationships with Marriage Therapist Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind Q&A: 007: Which Do I Want? A Therapist or a Life Coach?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 006: Difficult Conversations in Mixed Faith Relationships with Marriage Therapist, Kevin Hales

2021-01 (January)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 005: Understanding the Conflict Cycle in Relationships with Marriage Therapist, Kevin Hales
    Emancipate Your Mind: 004: Moving Past Limiting Beliefs
    Emancipate Your Mind: 003: Feelings Are Messengers: What Are Yours Saying?
    Emancipate Your Mind: 002: Wait! Who Am I? (Rebuilding Identity After Religious Transition)
    Emancipate Your Mind: 001: Welcome, Friends!