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Experiencing a religious transition in adulthood is becoming a more and more common experience. While it can be deeply unsettling, it can also be wildly freeing. Join certified religious transition and trauma recovery coach, Teri Hales, (also known as @EmancipatedMolly on Instagram and YouTube), each Sunday as she explores different perspectives on subconscious beliefs we’ve taken for granted as “truth” in high demand religions and returns the authority to you to decide what serves your highest, most fulfilling life.  if you want to follow me for religious and psychological insights, commentary on events in the world, links to other people doing great work related to religion, and little windows into my real life, follow me on Instagram or Reddit @EmancipatedMolly , TikTok @EmancipatedTeri , or Twitter @EmancipatedTeri.  And For Coaching please visit

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  1. Hi there! I listened to some of your podcasts and just really adore the work you are doing. It’s so important to our healing. I am a spiritual director and also a behavior analyst with an LDS background. I am curious about your religious trauma certification as I’ve been thinking receiving more education for tools with that would be helpful. Many of my clients have trauma from their upbringing in the Lds tradition. I use my ACT training along with my spiritual direction training but specific trauma training I think could be really helpful. Could you let me know what program you certified with and if you’d recommend it? Thank you so much for your time! Roy

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I received my trauma certification from “Moving the Human Spirit” at I enjoyed their program and found it incredibly helpful in getting started with religious trauma coaching. If you have a degree and certification that would allow you access to EMDR training or Internal Family Systems Therapy training, I would highly recommend both of those as well. Sending you all of the best. We need as many people as we can get in the field. 🙂

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