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Emancipate Your Mind: 036: Discovering Your Personal Values

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Have you ever experienced that feeling of frustration or dissonance when you’re living out of alignment with your core personal values?

Are you aware of what your core personal values are? Have you ever given them language?

In your religious life, did you find that one of the things you enjoyed was having language for what you valued and believed? Do you feel a little lost or uncertain now that you’re deconstructing or have left religion altogether?

You aren’t alone and there is a way to resolve the uncertainty and dissonance.

In this episode, we explore how we arrive at fulfillment in our lives when we’re behaving in ways that are in alignment with our core personal values.

We also go over a method to begin exploring what those values might be for you and how to give yourself permission to try things on until you find what fits for your life.

We were all likely programmed to believe we should value certain things the most, but this episode helps you discover what you actually believe and value so that you can experience more confidence and fulfillment with or without religion in your life.



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