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Emancipate Your Mind: 035: Cognitive Dissonance

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I had never heard the term “cognitive dissonance” before going through religious transition, but once I learned what it was it really helped me understand my experience in the church and my difficulty changing behaviors after leaving.

It also helps me have more understanding and even compassion for those who discount my personal experience with religious trauma syndrome and my extensive research on mental health and church history because it creates cognitive dissonance for them against their existing beliefs.

In this episode, we talk about how cognitive dissonance happens, how you can recognize it in your own life, and the 4 options you have to resolve the conflict and live a more harmonious life.

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If you are in religious deconstruction and you’re ready for intensive support with recovering your sense of self trust and confidence, you’re going to want to tune in.

If you want clarity on what you believe, value, and want now and how to use that knowledge to build a future that feels perfect for you…this announcement is for you!

If you’ve wanted to help others heal but you haven’t known how to help or haven’t wanted to deal with the backlash from the religious community, this is something you’ll want be a part of!

What we’ll create together won’t just get you serious results in moving your self confidence forward, but also will be the first step in creating affordable healing for thousands that will come after you.

Are you ready to break some religious trauma chains with me???


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