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Emancipate Your Mind: 030: Intention vs. Impact

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I should have known when creating a podcast on intention vs. impact that I’d also get a chance to work on making sure my intentions and impact were in alignment. I’m still learning just like all of you. 

In this, take 3, of this episode, we discuss why it’s not just our intentions that matter when it comes to creating safe spaces for those around us, but it’s how people are impacted by our actions and words.

We talk about why the Golden Rule isn’t the great rule of thumb we were taught it was because it centers our experience and intent over the desires and impact felt by others.

We talk about how trust in relationships can only grow when we give our most generous assumptions about the intentions of the person AND we can hold each other accountable for the impact.

And last, we delve into what accountability actually sounds like.

ALSO: I’m looking to collaborate with speakers, writers, and thought leaders who have diverse perspectives. I’m specifically looking for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse, and disabled voices to add their perspectives and expertise on religious transition and trauma and subjects related to or adjacent to healing from religious trauma.

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