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Emancipate Your Mind: 028: Somatic Experiencing and the Release of Trauma with MindBody Mentor, Shawna Kathleen

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Today we’re diving into the practice of somatic experiencing as a way to help locate and release trauma in the body. 

MindBody Mentor, Shawna Kathleen, talks about her own experience with autoimmune disease, relationship abuse, and sexual trauma and how learning to use somatic feedback from her body allowed her to begin alchemizing the pent up trauma from her past and turning it into something that has expanded her personal and business life. 

She’s a speaker, the owner of GoldMind, the host of GoldMind Podcast and a self proclaimed nerd who loves ancient culture, biohacking, nutrition and anything with animals.

She’s been taking clients through somatic mind-body work for 3 years and doesn’t plan on stopping.

For more information on how to follow all of Shawna’s incredible work or to work more in depth with her, find all of her information here at this link:

Don’t forget, in the episode, Shawna offered half price somatic sessions for those who listened to the podcast and want further help with moving trauma through the body. Discount Code: SOMATIC


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