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Emancipate Your Mind: 017: To All Of My Fellow People Pleasers

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If you find that you have an impossible time saying no, apologize for everything even when something is not your fault, are exhausted trying to meet the needs of others, and can’t remember the last time you had guilt-free free time….you may be a people pleaser.

People pleasing is simply another coping mechanism we developed to keep ourselves safe from rejection or abandonment and help us reach adulthood. And when we were children, it worked.

We may have learned to care take or appease the adults in our lives in order to get our emotional and physical needs met.

But now that we’re adults, it may feel like we’re being smothered by a coping mechanism that once made us feel secure.

People pleasing can keep us from really knowing who we are, feeling confident in our own skin, being able to show up authentically in the world, and set boundaries.

Often, we take on more than we can handle, hoping to keep people in our lives happy so that they will never have an excuse to discard us.

But mostly, we just feel run down, exhausted, and often really resentful of those we serve. It feels like we give all of the time, and our needs go unobserved and unmet.

If this sounds like you, this entire episode will help you understand why you people please and how to start creating new patterns that will leave you feeling more connected to humans you care about while also feeling more rested and confident in your body.


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