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Emancipate Your Mind Q&A: 007: Which Do I Want? A Therapist or a Life Coach?

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You asked, and I answered!

My inbox has been flooded with questions…questions that are common to those of us who have gone (or are going) through religious transition.

I decided y’all deserve answers sooner than later.

And you’ll get them each Thursday morning.

Introducing: The Midweek Question and Answer Mini Episode.

This week, I’m answering a question I’ve gotten 5 times since Kevin has joined me on the podcast in February (and I know if that many people spoke up, there are even more of you wondering in silence).

The question this week:

“How do I know if I should look for a therapist or a life coach? And what is the difference?”

I also threw in some bonus answers to related questions like, “Why did I choose to become a life coach?” and “What do I do if I don’t like my therapist?”


🙂 Teri

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I mentioned that 47% of people in the United States will undergo a faith transition at some point in their lives. This came from the Pew Research at this link


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