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Emancipate Your Mind: 011: Q&A: What Do You Believe Now? (And The Questions Behind That Question)

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I almost didn’t choose this question for today’s Q&A because your faith transition is NOT about what I believe and value now that I’ve left my former religion.

It’s about what YOU believe and value.

But because this is the question I get asked more than any other since transitioning out of my Mormon faith, I decided to go ahead and tackle this and the many related questions and issues hiding behind this inquiry.

Listen on for information about what limiting beliefs might be lurking behind this question and how to get curious with yourself and understand your fears, limits, and motivations better. We’ll also cover how to get clear with yourself about what you believe now that you’ve gone through (or are going through) a faith transition.

And finally, after we’ve gone through those explorations, I’ll tell you where I am in my faith and why I really like the place I’m currently in.

Thank you ALL for the incredible questions and comments. It’s been so hard to select just one each week.

I appreciate you all.

🙂 Teri Hales

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