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Emancipate Your Mind: 100: Discovering And Prioritizing Your Core Values

Everyday, you’re making choices about what to do with your limited time, money, attention, and energy. Every time you say “yes” to one thing, you’re effectively saying “no” to several other things you could be doing with those resources.

If you’re spending your limited resources on things that don’t matter much to you, you’ll feel stuck, unfulfilled, and perhaps even exhausted. However, if you can learn to become crystal clear about what matters the most to you, you can make conscious decisions to focus the bulk of your time, energy, and money towards these things and you’ll feel a lot more fulfilled and less likely to feel resentful about the things that you’ve given up in pursuit of your values.

This episode goes through the first steps of discovering your core values and learning to prioritize them according to what matters most to you…the real you, not the person you feel you “should” be.



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What qualities do you appreciate in other people? (Conversely, what qualities in others really annoy you or piss you off?) 

What activities do you NEED in your life to feel sane, whole, and happy? 

What are your most important possessions? Why are these important? 

What do you want to achieve in life? 

What would you least like to lose in life? 

What are your most cherished memories?

What inspires you? 

What is missing in your life? 


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