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Emancipate Your Mind: 097: You Can Only Ever Be The Authentic You with Chris Peck

Authenticity has become a huge topic of conversation in the past couple of decades.

While there is great freedom and personal guidance in getting curious about what does and does not feel good to us as individuals, there can also be a lot of confusion about what “being authentic’ means and even shame and fear about not showing up “authentically enough”.

This is especially true if you spent years of your life in a high demand system where you outsourced your sense of self to religious or parental authority.

In this episode, Chris Peck, my good friend and public speaking coach, agreed to continue our search for answers about authenticity by reading Stephen Joseph’s 2017 book, “Authentic: How to Be Yourself and Why it Matters” and record an open discussion about what we learned, what felt concerning to us both, and what new questions popped up from the reading material.

We hope you enjoy coming along on this philosophical journey with us. ________________________________________________________________



Instagram: @chrisspeaksup



Hanscom, David. “Stop Looking For Your Authentic Self”. December, 2022.

Joseph, Stephen. “Authentic: How to Be Yourself and Why It Matters”. 2017. Piatkus.


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