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Emancipate Your Mind: 085: Remembering the Mother Goddess

Gerda Lerner, in her book, “The Creation of Patriarchy”, says that “patriarchy is a historical construct; it has a beginning, it will have an end.”

if you grew up in Christianity, it may seem like fact that the heavens and Earth were created by a lone male god who created an order in which men rule over women because women first ate the fruit of a tree that would give them knowledge. If you were raised to believe this is true, it may seem like the patriarchal system in which we now live has always existed because the only god created it to be so. Believing this to be true, it can feel impossible to challenge such a system.

But both archaeological evidence and historical evidence tell us otherwise. Patriarchy was created long after humans were. For 200,000 years humans, if they worshiped a deity at all, likely worshipped a mother goddess. Even ancient Israelites worshipped a mother goddess of equal importance to Yahweh in the Holy of Holies, new evidence suggests.

Knowing this gives us power. The power to reclaim human dignity. ___________________________________________________________________


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