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Emancipate Your Mind: 080: Organizational Narcissism and the LDS Church’s Response to Child Sex Abuse Allegations

This month has been a dumpster fire in the LDS and ex-LDS communities as we’ve watched the LDS church respond to allegations that they’ve been covering up child sexual abuse.

Since the Associated Press investigation broke, my Licensed Professional Therapist husband and I haven’t been able to stop reading and researching and discussing what we’ve found. Watching the church respond to the allegations has been disappointing and frustrating but has also revealed the deep rooted organizational narcissism present in the church.

However, on Friday, August 26th, Stuart Reid’s Salt Lake Tribune Article was so overtly harmful we felt we needed to discuss the organizational entitlement, grandiosity, and lack of empathy present in both this article and all of the statements the church has released since the article broke earlier this month.



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