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Emancipate Your Mind: 060: Embracing Cultural Heritage

After the last episode with Monika Crowfoot, many people messaged me discussing how they felt caught between cultures like she did and felt inspired to learn more about their cultural heritage as a way to heal. I also received messages from some expressing that they wished they had a culture to reclaim. Many felt culture-less and wondered if it was necessary to explore their cultural heritage in order to regain a sense of self after leaving high demand religion.

Growing up in a country full of immigrants, we can sometimes feel like we have no defined cultural home. We know from research on international adoption that cultural identity is a big part of creating a sense of personal identity. Children who are raised with access to their cultural heritage have a greater sense of well being, self acceptance, and a sense of belonging even when they live in cultures that are far different from the ones of their birth.

In this episode, we discuss how exploring our cultural identities, even when those identities may be ambiguous or obscured by American assimilation, can help us more fully know and understand ourselves, our families of origin, and how we fit into the world around us.

This may be especially important for those of us recovering from high demand religions where our personal identities have been stripped from us.  _____________________________________________________________________________

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